What will a Puerto rican & light skinned baby look like ?

what my baby will look like

What will a Puerto rican & light skinned baby look like ?

Me & my boyfriend have been talking about having a kid. & I’m curious on what the baby will look like. My boyfriend is Puerto rican & Columbian. & I am white & black, however he looks more Puerto rican. & I look white. Can anyone help me ? Please no rude comments.

Answer by Psycho Sid Vicious
You ar enot white if you have hispanic blood or any origin. black too. no offence but there is this half black kid whos uses the N word and calls himself white…just because hes light black skinned and has blue eyes…and his mom is irish. gimme a fuckin break!

there is a contraversy in florida because the hispanic latino who killed the black kid was refered to as a white hispanic…only florida does that they are so stupid….lets get a recount on that.

I’m not racist but all this mixing is going to cause so much confusion pretty soon .

puerto ricans are not white and neither are columbians.

you are not white lol.

you can call your self white looking but thats about it.

Answer by sour peppermint
you confuse me because Im puerto rican and you say he looks more puerto rican…well how is a puerto rican suppose to look? puerto ricans can be either black, white or tanned skin a combination of both black and white looking more like mestizos. Colombians also are like puerto ricans, they are either black mulatto, white or mestizos. So if you look more white and he looks “puerto rican” which Im thinking maybe you mean he looks more black or mestizo…I imagine he is not a white puerto rican because your already white so you would not be asking this question. So I assume your bf its a black or tanned skin puerto rican then the baby will come out looking mestizo…basically tanned like biracial babies or more to be light skin like you. Definetly not completely white neither black.

what my baby will look like

Can you tell from an ultrasound picture who the baby will look like?

Can you tell from an ultrasound picture who the baby will look like?
I had a 3D ultrasound done at 24 weeks pregnant. I’m trying to figure out who the baby looks like. Is it possible to see a resemblance to the father of the baby through an ultrasound? I think the baby looks like my husband, but am I just being rediculous? Can anyone else see a resemblance between their ultrasound pictures (3D ones) and what their baby actually looked like at birth?

Answer by I Haz A Bucket.
I did….But they did the 3D for me at about 35 weeks…I got lucky they did it at my reg ultrasound and it was so neat…Both the babies came out looking quite a bit like the scan 2 weeks later….So i dont think your ridiculous…I love those pictures there so cute. :)

Answer by kk
Yes I could see the resemblance from the 3d ultrasound and my son. It was a cool new thing for me, they didn’t have that 13 years old when I had my daughter.

Answer by ι вєℓσиg тσ ℓυкαѕ
I swore my son had his father’s nose and my mouth from his 20 week ultrasound. And he did!

Ultrasound: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=1038089&l=9227fbbd56&id=505800908

Lukas: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=959512&l=25488510ca&id=505800908

Don’t have any better photos of him from the side… but he came out just as I guessed from the scan. Also, he looked like he had an overbite on the scan… he doesn’t, but to this day still has a habit of sucking his bottom lip, so I guess that’s what he’s doing on the scan!

what my baby will look like

What will a half white half Puerto Rican baby look like?

I know you can determine what the baby will look like, but can you give a good idea? My sister is 7 mos. pregnant with a girl. She’s 5’4″, blonde, light skin, thin, and has blue eyes. Her Puerto Rican husband is 6’4″, has dark brown hair (almost black), tan skin, muscular, and has brown eyes. Is their a good estimate on what she will look like? I know they’ll love their baby no matter what, but it’s just interesting to imagine (: Thanks!

Answer by Prophet
I just studied genes in school and know you have to factor in both sets of grandparents and the mother and father. However, I learned that the male has the dominant gene so chances are slightly in favor the baby will look like the dad.

btw her husband sounds hot! Just saying. :)

Answer by Travis
Well he will look good. Im not sure of what he will have to offer when hes an adult to the workforce except boiling cocain and rice.

Answer by Team Damon <3
I am 6 foot and my husband is 6 foot.
I am white and fair skin/blue eyes.
my husband is puerto rican, dark hair/brown eyes.
Our daughter has olive tan skin/brown hair/brown eyes


Light Skin Puerto Rican Girl;

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6 Responses to What will a Puerto rican & light skinned baby look like ?

  1. LP1128 July 14, 2012 at 4:06 pm #

    I did! My baby had my little button nose at week 20! SO amazing what they can see on there these days! :)

  2. Dane's Mommy 3/3<3 July 14, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

    I could DEF see that my son resembled me from my 4D. He totally has my nose. And sure enough, when he was born he looked just like his mama :)

  3. Melissa July 14, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    I got my 3D done when I was 35 weeks, and I could tell she was going to look like her daddy, and she does! She has his noise! She was sleeping so I couldn’t tell her eyes, but it was her daddy all the way!

  4. G July 14, 2012 at 2:15 pm #

    No, if you see a resemblance it is because you are trying to see something that is not there. Babies generally don’t resemble their parents with distinctive facial features because of baby fat. The reason is that the underlying bone structure is covered up. They can have some features not covered by fat that are similar like nose, eyes, and when born hair color. To say you can tell is just wishful thinking.

  5. Anonymous July 14, 2012 at 2:09 pm #

    I have a sono pic from when I was like 4 or 5 mos preg and it shows her profile……if you look at her profile now (she’s here btw) she looks exactly like the sono

  6. Moriah Contreras July 14, 2012 at 1:18 pm #

    I got a 3D picture not long before I was due. I thought for sure she looked exactly like my husband. I was sad cause he doesn’t have a nose that would look good on a girl. :) When she came out though she looked exactly like me.

    It’s fun to try and see who they will look like, but into the baby actually comes out you can’t really tell. Also the way they look at birth and how they look in a few months changes. So it they come out looking like one parent, that may change a little with time.

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