what is a free web site to see what mine and my boyfriends baby will look like?

what will my baby look like upload photos

what is a free web site to see what mine and my boyfriends baby will look like?

what is a **GOOD && FREE website that i can upload mine & my boyfriends photo & see what our baby may look like??,,,PLEASE HELP

Answer by nelawala
lol…that is for entertainment purposes only.It’s not real.

Answer by kailZ
why would you want to know, that spoils the moment the first time you see the life you and your partner have created with the love you share… and trust me, there is nothing greater…..

Answer by blahblahblah
i was looking for too, just cause i thought it would be funny to see what it shows. Theres morphthing.com, but it wanted me to wait an hour and i didnt want to wait. theres an application on facebook, but i dont know what its called, a friend of mine used it and it came out with this hideous picture.

what will my baby look like upload photos

deos anyone know a good photo merging site that will show me what my baby will look like?

Does anyone know of a free website that you can upload pics of two people to see what their baby may look light just for fun? One that perges them togther, I guess. Much like the www.myheritage.com site that does the celebrty look alike collages or like the photo booth they have at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not?

I know it’s totally not real, but I think it’d be totally interesting to try it. :) thanks

Answer by bo_fra
Face transformer image upload,

you could also use morph programs that change one image into another, like a babies photo, and a grandmothers photo,
Sqirlz Morph – multi-morphing freeware

what will my baby look like upload photos

Looking for photo alteration program?

Im looking for a program–possibly free- that will allow me to
1.upload my photo(s) to do age progression or even
2.upload a photo of me and my boyfriend to see what our baby’d look like… lol …if u know of one online or downloadable let me know

Answer by fallingxleaves
The thing is I don’t know of any programs that can do that on their own you would know how to do it yourself. You can try on Photoshop that is expensive though. A free one that is pretty good is GIMP.


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